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Snuggles story

Snuggles, a rescued pug/chihuahua mix from a Muskogee, OK shelter came to our rescue pregnant in October. On November 3rd she went into labor, several hours later we knew something was wrong. At 1am we drove her to an emergency clinic, where they immediately began working on her. She received an x-ray, ultrasound and bloodwork, revealing she had dystocia. Dystocia is an abnormal and difficult birth caused by several different factors. After coming to the conclusion she would need a C-section due to the first pup having a very low heart rate, she finally whelped a puppy while preparing for surgery at 2am. While being closely monitored, and with the assistance of the medical staff, she delivered 3 healthy pups by 6am in the morning. Snuggles and her pups are now safe back in their foster home in OKC. Her trip to the emergency clinic saved her life and the lives of her pups. The bill for this life saving trip totaled $609.19. Your donation towards this bill keeps us out of debt, which allows us to be able to afford these life or death emergency trips to the veterinarian.

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